We are looking to directly recruit skilled stonemasons and carpenters. We are also looking to expand our supply chain for this long-term and inspirational project.

Supply chain

The restoration of the historic Priory is now underway. We are now calling for interested subcontractors and suppliers to get in contact who wish to be a part of the revival. There is a steady stream of work over the next 10 years, working on some of our Country's most interesting heritage assets.

Read what our current subcontractors have to say about working on the Priory.

Question & Answer

Mark Robinson High Class Carpentry

 What works are you undertaking at St Osyth Priory?
"We have carried out roof work on an ancient, complex A frame rafters using oak in Bayliffs Cottage. Part of this work comprises compression of joints where the rafter timber has rotted and we have had to attach new oak to the old by means of the specialist compression joints.

We have restored the intricate Oak A-Frame Trusses, being very careful to keep as close to the original as possible. Each of the trusses were taken apart, recorded and numbered before we started the task of restoring them. They were cleaned using a wire brush, and chisels and where necessary, glued and spliced in new oak, once put back together we have secured the old and new jointing with oak pegs to be in keeping with the original.

We are also working on the restoration of the roof dormers, tie beams joinery and making the staircases by hand, all three of them!

Having carried out the structural restoration work and joinery and we are looking forward to moving on to Darcy House and The Gate House soon.”

What attracted you to the project?
"The age and importance of the whole historic site, as well as it being part of our local heritage and having a unique story to tell, its even part of local folklore. I also love its unrivalled surroundings set amongst ancient oaks and beautiful pines and cedars. My wife and I visited the Priory over 25 years ago, bringing my wife’s Aunty who was visiting from Australia, this was when it was open to the public and have loved the place ever since. For me it is truly a dream come true to be part of the restoration of the Priory, my team of carpenters and I feel very privileged! "

What’s the different between working on a restoration compared to a new build?
"The Craftsmanship and skills that went into these historic buildings many years ago, has in large been lost today. To be a part of a small group of master craftsmen that have learnt these long-lost skills and restore old and historic buildings basis gives us a genuine sense of excitement and pride."

Has the project benefited your company in anyway?
"Every building is unique and different, we are always learning as we go about restoring each individual one. The older the building the more we tend to be challenged and they don’t come much older than at St Osyth Priory, this is great for our credentials and track record. Most of our projects tend to be 15th – 18th Century and so it is rare to work on such an old historic site, at High Class Carpentry we feel privileged to be working here."

Sum up your/ or your teams experience whilst working at St Osyth Priory?
"We feel immensely privileged to be playing a part in such a grand vision of the restoration of St Osyth Priory, it is a large-scale project which offers continuous work on some of our nation’s most important heritage assets. The surrounds which you are working in are undoubtedly beautiful, which is a real perk to the job."

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